SPRINT-Success in Interviews

Poster BSPRINT – Workshop on Succeeding by Performing Remarkably in INTerviews

OverviewInterview! The very word brings in apprehension and anxiety.   Interview is a brief window to the future, one aspires for. Preparing and   appearing right is the key to crack them. Making the right impact is all it   takes to attract the prospective employers, you have been dreaming of..The Workshop aims to cover the following:

  • Understanding the recruitment cycle
    • Influence & Impact of Stakeholders on your candidature
    • Recruiter’s Perspective
    • Preparing for Interview
      • Pre Interview Research – Industry/Company/ Role & Job description
      • Competency Framework- Self assessment & SWOT analysis
      • Body Language and Grooming
      • Preparing Resume -Your portrait on a document
        • Segmenting & Structure
        • Commonly occurring errors
        • Rewriting to create more impact
        • During the Interview
          • Understanding the interview cycle
          • Different Styles of Interviewing
          • Different Lines of Questioning -Fitment Matrix
          • FAQs, Interview’s Intent, Effective Responses
          • Domain & Level of responsibilities
          • Tackling Stress Interviews
          • Effective Interview Strategies
            • Asking the right questions & getting the interviewer to sell the role
            • Line Manager’s views on interviews
            • Essentials which must be communicated during the Interview & pitfalls to avoid
            • Compensation Components


All active job aspirants.

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  1. Neeta
    Neeta June 28, 2014 at 7:57 pm |

    LAST DATE to apply for Workshop for 12-13th July 2014 (Sat/Sunday) is 3rd July! Hurry seats filling fast…


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