Life & Image Coaching


Your heart knows the answer but mind is rejecting it…

Dilemmas arise regarding everyday issues and at major crossroads in life…

You seek answers from someone you trust and someone who can guide you- a friend, a close family member or a mentor at work…


Many a time there is no “Right Person”. Each one comes with his or her own baggage of inflexible perceptions & biases and limited experience.

and hence

A Professional Coach is invaluable…A coach is a neutral person who can be your confidante and who can guide you to find your solutions and make a difference in your life. The coach has been trained to contemplate, evaluate and consider a multitude of situations.

  • Life & Image Coaching is a solution finding process aiming at the achievement of an individual’s goals which could be as simple as making of a resume or a complex one as to find the meaning of one’s life!

Meant for Individuals as well as Corporate Managers and Executives to develop specific workplace skills, solve problems, and improve targeted performance, self confidence & personality.

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